Security of Funds | ATM Trades | Forex Broker

Market capitalizing insurance:

The company undertook rigorous efforts to protect its lucrative against investors and other parties with a civil liability program to certain financial limit, which includes leading coverage against errors, omissions, negligence, fraud and various other risks that may lead to financial loss. No additional cost is charged for our clients for this cover. (For more details kindly refer Terms and Conditions).

Reliable financial safety:

Pioneering in online trading, Aetram Trades capitalizing in currency trading, derivatives on US and UK Stocks, Commodities, Spot Metals, and Indices. Security for Client funds is a prominent aspect of our company’s policy. With international recognition for outstanding reputation and global award winning services, we are able to deliver the quality services as assured.

Tie-ups with major banks:

Aetram Trades has tie-ups in major tier-1 banks, which enables top provide with substantial leveraged funds, which enables our clients to trade effectively.

Segregation of funds:

The investor’s funds are deposited by means of a separate bank account, which is much different to that of the account that si used by the company. The saved funds are private and off the balance sheets, which enable the security of the funds; during at times they are default in unlikely time.

Negative balance protection:

Currency trading is subjected to higher volatility. During at an uneventful times like these, the company ensures that you are not hold responsible thus ensuring the safety of the funds invested when Margin call and Stopouts did not turn up well.

Risk Management:

The company analyzes and identifies and processes all the risks involved in all financial transactions. This allows the company to monitor the continuous basis of effectiveness of policies, arrangements and documentation procedures in places, which allows the company the authority to cover its funding needs and capital requirement credentials at any given time.