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Client Satisfaction and Services

At ATM we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients receive the excellent support they deserve, making their trading experience optimal and user-friendly. From our super-fast client approval procedure to our swift client fund processing, our goal is to provide you with an outstanding service in every way.


With in 12 Hours


With in 12 Hours


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Order Execution Speed :

Order execution speed refers to the time incurred while placing a particular trade order. When the execution is speed is faster, then the trade order is placed better. This enables and gives you a higher hand during live trading session. Order execution speed is usually designated in milliseconds. ATM Trades has 0.03millisecond for order execution speed.

No Slippage :

Slippage in currency trading refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price based on which the trade order is placed. Slippage is caused at any given time and it is frequently altering during periods of heightened volatility, when market orders are utilized. It is often occurred, when a large order is executed and there is not enough volume at the desired price to continue with the current bid/ask spread. At ATM Trades, there is no fee for slippage.

No Requotes :

Re-quotes occur when the broker with whom you trade with is not willing to or not able to give you the trade based on the price with which you have entered the trade. This generally occurs when there is big announcements and big disruption in the trading market. At times like these, there is fluctuation in the market price for every trade order, which makes you consider to go with the market flow value or stay with your desired trade values. At ATM Trades, there are No re-quotes, which enables traders to trade with each of their own convenience.