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Forex Currency Trading:

Currency prices are constantly varying

Currency trading, also known as Forex (foreign exchange), enables investors to take advantage of the increase and decrease in currency’s value. Engage in currency trading using major, minor and exotic currency pairs with reputed and an award-winning broker. Currency traders buy and sell currency pairs using a Forex broker as the intermediary, which manages the transaction between the buyer and the seller. Furthermore, a reliable currency trading broker provides services to help empower their traders to make informed trading decisions.

What is Currency Trading?

Currency trading in simple relative term can be explained as, engaging in trading with different currencies and making profit by buying and selling of the same during the optimum time during the live market session.

Investors always engage to trade currencies in pairs, with which the initial currency become base currency and the followed pair is considered as the quote currency. Forex traders concurrently buy one currency pair and sell the other, based on which they think the currencies’ values will be changing in relation to each other.

Currency values are altered by huge number of basic factors that has impact on national economy. Inflation and interest rates, government debt levels and political stability are some of them. Initially, Forex investors find the greatest volatility before and after key economic or political announcements as traders speculate on their potential impact

Trading Currencies Basics :


ATM Trades offers powerful leverage up to 1:500, allowing investors to engage in high volumes of trade.


ATM Trades offers minimum spread value as low as 0.01, which allows investors rake substantial profit.

Trading Hours

ATM Trades provides the opportunity to engage in 24/5 market sessions even when domestic market is closed.

Lot Sizes

ATM Trades offers various lot sizes convenient depending upon the type of account you trade with.