Autochartist Tool | ATM Trades


ATM Trades Autochartist tool scans collections of trading instruments in real time and automatically identifies chart patterns and Fibonacci patterns. ATM Trades autochartist tool is fully personalised for instruments and language which seems suitable for your preference; as it scans and identifies the watch-list and make alerts regarding the opportunities in real time whenever a Chart or Fibonacci pattern is identified. Constant monitoring, volatility analyses and multiple Market Reports works 24 hours enabling you to not indulge in trading session 24/5.

ATM Trades Autochartist tool comes with a new and improved Risk Calculator tool which is easy to use. All the investor has to do is to simply enter the currency value or equity percentage amount, that you are willing to trade and calculate the exact trading volume to help you avoid large capital losses.

ATM Trades Autochartist tool offers substantial trading opportunities, some of which are as follows:
Market Chart

ATM Trades autochartist tool helps traders by presenting the opportunities in the market regardless of chart being viewed

Saves Time

Autochartist tool helps save time and it also helps to refine traders’ efficiency as it scans through tradable a pattern which is done automatically.


The autochartist tool allows access to multi-language email market reports and alerts.

Clients MT4

ATM Trades Autochartist tool enables traders to install the tool on MT4 terminal, which is helpful to scan opportunities across all charts.


The autochartist tool searches for functionalities and various other filters which permits users to form a personalised made watch list.

Volatility Analysis

ATM Trades autochartist tool offers volatility analysis, which acts as a means of getting useful insight into instrument movement.


The autochartist tool identifies three types of trading patterns which are Chart, Fibonacci, and key levels. All of these are based on support and resistance levels.


The autochartist tool monitors financial instruments on a 24/7 time clock.